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Microwave Electronics Laboratory

The ELEMIC Laboratory at the Department of Engineering of the University of Messina has grown up since 2000 for both research and educational activities in the field of microwave electronics.

It is currently equipped for linear and noise measurements of components and circuits in the microwave frequency range (1- 50 GHz), design of microwave circuits and board realization with a high precision mechanical plotter. A closed-cycle liquid-He cryogenic chamber allows low temperature measurement down to 30 K.

The key research guidelines are focused upon characterization, modelling and computer-aided design of microwave devices and circuits for advanced telecommunication, avionic, aereospatial and radioastronomy applications.

The research group chaired by Prof. Alina Caddemi has published so far more than 250 international scientific papers witnessing a high and continuous effort fuelled by a strong enthusiasm for the fascinating field of microwaves.

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